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What can SM do for us?

What can SM do for us?

As social media sites become more and more popular all over the world, it seems as if I hear about a new site launching almost every day. One of the problems I struggle with is trying to decide which sites I should be registered with and how to use each one to my advantage. I just don’t see the logic in signing up for 50 different sites if I’m not going to use them properly, or at all. It’s just like the advice a PR pro would give to a CEO wanting to create a company blog: Don’t ever make a “let’s make a blog” blog, and don’t sign up for social media sites just because everyone else is doing it.

College students are typically not strangers to the social networking world. After all, Facebook was originally created just for us; it took years for the site to become open to the public. But just because we’ve become pros at “Facebook stalking” doesn’t mean that we understand how to properly use any other SM sites, especially when it comes to advancing our professional goals. So, I wanted to focus this post on finding social media sites that are the most beneficial to college students. Through my research, I found an article on Mashable.com that outlines the 10 Must-Try Social Media Sites for College Students. All of the sites listed can help students to network, collaborate, communicate, and make the daily college tasks a bit easier – for free! Here are a few of my favorite discoveries:



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