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Embrace Your Social Networks!

If you’re active on any social networking site, chances are you’re no stranger to those annoying users that just don’t get it. You know, the guy who tweets about what he just had for lunch. The girl who changes her Facebook status to a different Sex and the City quote every five seconds. The person promoting his or her organization/brand relentlessly, yet is only following three people, who pretty much is saying, “Hey! Look at me and what I’m doing! But I don’t care about any of you!”

Although I’m new at this whole social networking thing and still not quite sure what I’m doing, I have caught on pretty quickly as to what I shouldn’t be doing. Below I’ve listed some of my own insights about social networking I’ve discovered over these past few months, as well as some tips I found on Social Web School.com last week that help me understand the proper ways to network online. (more…)


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